•Our vision is to empower people with the necessary knowledge on how to deal with stress through the support group in order to promote the social cohesion and facilitate the integration of refugees and asylum seekers. •We also promote debates for foreign nationals and Locals South Africans in order to promote the tolerance and to prevent the xenophobia

                                     THE MISSION

•Our Mission is to create the safe community where locals and Foreigners share the same objective to achieve on Goal.


Our name is United Family, our short name is “UniFam”. we based in Cape Town,western cape. United Family is a registered Non Profit Organization(NPO:176-872) that works to improve the living of refugees families in the western cape, South Africa. We are guided by the 1950 UNHCR convention and South Africa Constitution.

                     OUR OPERATIONAL PARTNER 

Operational Partner: is the partner that we work together, they assist us the service to reach our objective but they do not get paid from us. •UNHCR,I.O.M,UNASA,SCALABRINI CENTRE,ARESTA,ADONIS MP,CTRC and Community Cohesion.


South African Police Service, Home Affairs, SASSA and Health and Education Department.We believe in collaboration with other stakeholders in order to improve the life of refugees or asylum seekers families. Our first priority is to assist the women and children need assistance


•We do assist and inform refugee families regarding their rights and their obligations or responsibilities to respect the South African law and constitution. •We do referrals our clients to appropriate partners or institutions if need be, after hear their stories. •All the conversation with our clients is confidential, no third part have access to information's except on client wishes to share with operational partners, therefore their sign a proper form to allow that.

                           OUR AREA OF FOCUS •

1. TABLE ROUND TALKS We use the table round talks to promote the debates in mission of promoting tolerance AIM: Is to bring the understanding of people with different back grounds or nationalities. 2. SUPPORT GROUP We use the support group as a tool to empower people with the necessary skills to prevent the Mental Health problem. AIM: Is to promote the social cohesion and to facilitate the integration of refugees in their host communities.3. PREVENTION OF THE MENTAL HEALTH We strongly believe that, the mental health is very serious sick and it can lead someone to commit suicide and it prevent the successful integration of refugees together with their families in the community. It is almost impossible for someone t be integrated without knowing very well the areas around them.In working together with the help of qualified and most experienced tour guide, we identified strategic places to start taking refugees on tours. •EG:1) West Coast 2) Table mountain 3) Cape Point 4) Wine Lands and 5) Hermanus. •We will look to work in collaboration with other organization that providing Skills training to refugees to provide the five 5 top learners from each organization.